Thursday, June 16, 2011

Works in Progress Series | List and Stats

In Georgia, we are close to wrapping up the Works-in-Progress series for this semester, which we have been organizing in collaboration with American Councils. It's been a successful run with a range of different topics and speakers.

Donnacha O Beachain comparing Georgian and Kyrgyz revolutions

Here are our stats, thanks to Timothy Blauvelt.
Presenters:   Georgians - 15%
                    US - 30%
                    UK - 25%
                    Other EU and Canada - 30%
Topics:         Politics, Policy, Political Science - 55%
                   History - 15%
                   Archeology, Ethnology, Musicology - 15%
                   Other (Economics, Social Media, Healthcare) - 15%

Ideally we would like some more Georgians to come forward and present their ongoing research projects in the future. For now, see the program we had below.

January 26: Donnacha O Beachain, Dublin City University – Kyrgyzstan 2005 and 2010
February 2: Gavin Slade, Oxford University – Overturning the Criminal Nobility
February 9:  Koba Turmanidze, CRRC – Assessing the State of Democracy: Citizen Outlook from the South Caucasus.
February 16: Tom De Waal, Carnegie Foundation – Georgia's Choices of State Models
February 23: CRRC Junior Fellows – Economic Conditions of Households in Georgia
March 2: Ryan Hughes, University of Michigan – An Archeological Survey of the Vani Site
March 9: Sonya Kleshik, CRRC – Language Policy in Georgia
March 16: John Graham, Princeton University – Pencils and Erasers: Harmonizing Georgian Chant in the Early 20th Century
March 23: Kevin Tuite, University of Montreal – Khevsur Shrine Invocations: Poetics, Performance and Agonism
March 30: Hans Gutbrod, CRRC – Social Capital in Georgia
April 6: George Welton, GeoWel @ CRRC Project – Access to Justice in Central Asia
April 13: Oliver Reisner, EU Delegation to Georgia – Contemporary Georgian Historiography
April 27: Onnik Krikorian, Global Voices – Social Media in the South Caucasus
May 4: Dan Healey, Swansea University – Medical Research in Stalin's Gulag: A Scientific Culture Behind Barbed Wire, 1930-56
May 11: Paul Crego, US Library of Congress – Strategic Patience: A Way Forward?
May 18: Thijs Rommens, K.U. Leuven – The European Neighborhood Policy and Civil Society in Georgia
May 25: Michaela Ferrari, Fulbright Fellow – Assessing Clinicians' and Women's Attitudes Toward Family Planning in Georgia
June 1: Krista Goff, University of Michigan – The Georgian-Speaking Minority in the Azerbaijan SSR
June 8: Giorgi Khelashvili, Tbilisi State University – The Soviet Legacy and Post-Soviet Foreign Policy in the Caucasus
June 15: Peter Rozic, Georgetown University – Lustration Politics: Comparative Analysis of Post-Communist Countries

If you'd like to present, let us know. Otherwise, to hear about the events, follow Works-in-Progress on Facebook.

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