Friday, October 08, 2010

Is the Caucasus in Europe or Asia? | Tim Straight at TEDxYerevan

A particularly intriguing talk at TEDxYerevan was given by Tim Straight, Honorary Consul of Norway and Finland to Armenia. Is the Caucasus in Europe or in Asia? Tim highlighted that there are five countries that defy easy categorization: Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and also Turkey. Tim explores how the dividing lines fall according to corporations, mapmakers and values.

In his talk, Tim drew on data from CRRC, but also from the World Values Survey. From CRRC, Jenny Paturyan and Laurene Aubert analyzed the data, helping to make the talk happen. Please let others know about the talk, if you liked it. (If the link does not work, let us know, we just updated it.)


HansG said...

More about the sources for this talk

Tiko said...

Very interesting presentation. Thanks for posting it.

Though would be interesting and fair to compare the 5 countries not only with EU but also with Asian countries in terms of values and aspiration. If we want to find out where they belong to.
Otherwise it just proves a point that they aren't Europe. But are they Asia?