Monday, January 21, 2008

The Global Broadband Speed Test

According to CRRC's 2007 Data Initiative 2007 (visit, around 3% of the population have Internet access at home in Georgia; nevertheless, we were curious to know how fast these people’s Internet speed is across the Caucasus., which is identical to Ookla Speed Test, provides visitors with the opportunity to measure broadband connections. For more, visit the site.

According to, the top Internet service provider in Georgia is Rustavi 2 Online with 713 kb/s (it seems to be outdated though). The top region by download speed is strangely Dushetis Raioni with 640 kb/s (please let us know if you know why). In Armenia and Azerbaijan the top regions by download speed are Yerevan and Baku, respectively. The fastest download speed is in Azerbaijan — 3184 kb/s (only best test scores are used for the ranking, so this is probably inflated). Of course, the Caucasus still lags quite a ways behind developed countries. Japan is number one for download speed according to — it scored 11,237 kb/s .

If you want to find out the fastest Internet Service Provider close to you or elsewhere, wish to install this software on your computer, or simply are curious, click here .

If you test it from the Caucasus or have criticisms of the test, we’d love to hear from you.


Katy said...

I couldn't get the speedtest page to load from the American University of Armenia's LAN network, but using's tests:
text: 68K Loaded 340,781 bytes in 40.218 seconds from 1&1 server.
photo: 54K Loaded 414,161 bytes in 61.388 seconds from 1&1 server.'s test says:
File Size 150.005 KB
Time Elapsed 13.279 seconds

Katy said...

From my favorite Internet cafe in Yerevan, with, what seems to me to have the fastest Internet:

speedtest says:
down: 148 kbs
up: 42 kbs

Katy said...

I fibbed. I forgot that I was VPNing back to my home university.
Here's the real result from my favorite cafe's wireless signal:
279 kbs down
29 kbs up
459 ms latency.

Doesn't look like the VPN messed it up too badly.

Looks like this cafe uses ADC, based on what the initial test said... although now it reports as Xalt net.

anu said...


I am not able to get the speed test page. When i try to open my ie gets closed. speed-test which is working very fast.

sri said...

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